Since 1997, Toyota Motor Corporation offered the world some of the most groundbreaking hybrid vehicles available. Toyota was the first automaker to offer a mass-produced hybrid vehicle when it revealed the Prius in 1997. The team here at Northbrook Toyota in Northbrook, IL wanted to share with our customers how Toyota has continuously been producing the most advanced hybrid technology on the market today.

Lofty Goals For The Future
The Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 was announced in October 2015 and set a precedent for all other automakers. Looking to reduce the overall negative environmental impact caused by cars. Their goal is to reach 1.5 million hybrid models sold per year and a total of 15 million total sold by 2020. Toyota seeks to contribute as much as possible in the global attempt to create a sustainable society. To do so, they will try to drop CO2 emissions by 90 percent, establish a vehicle recycling program, and minimize water usage.

A Wonderful and Immense Environmental Impact
By comparing the environmental footprint of Toyota hybrid vehicles and those of a similar size and driving performance, Toyota estimates that they have reduced CO2 emissions by roughly 67 million tons. Toyota also estimates that drivers have been able to travel 16 million more miles than gasoline powered vehicles of a similar class. Toyota has also been planting trees all across Japan in order to preserve the country’s forests. The Toyota Green Wave Program is a major way the company plans to reduce its carbon footprint so significantly.

Those driving in the Northbrook, IL area can greatly benefit from a Toyota Hybrid. What better hybrid is there for getting around congested Chicagoland traffic than a 2016 Prius? Come to Northbrook Toyota today and see our inventory of new and pre-owned Toyota models. You can also check out our website where we have a specially developed inventory search tool to help you pick out the right car for you. Have any questions? Give us a call at (847) 272-0808 and our staff will be happy to help you out.

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